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A membership with three strong forces

We are proud to offer a membership where you get three strong forces in one. Your company is not only supported by Almega and one of our nine unions, but also by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – of which our employer organization is a part.

This means that your business is empowered by the voice of service companies, industry and entrepreneurship – all at the same time. Your business could not be better equipped for success.

We are proud to offer a membership that gives you three strong forces in one

Your company not only receives support from Almega and one of out nine associations, but also from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – of which our employers’ organisation is a part.

This means that your company is strengthened by the voice of service companies, of the service sector and of Swedish enterprise – all at the same time. Your business could not be better equipped for success.

1. Almega: the voice of service companies

At Almega, we work to create the best possible conditions for the service sector on the Swedish labour market. We do this by pursuing important issues, raising our voices where necessary and providing advice on all kinds of employer matters.

Our employment lawyers and business policy experts work to resolve your complex challenges – from employment to dismissal, as well as in disputes and negotiations. Our employer hotline is just a phone call or email away and Arbetsgivarguiden, Almega’s digital knowledge bank, is available round the clock.

2. The associations forming Almega: the voice of the industries

The nine associations in Almega oversee your industry and pursue issues that are important to your company. They also negotiate, together with the trade unions, the collective agreements of the future, which govern employment conditions and give you the foundation you need to be a good employer.

Whatever your area within the service sector, we have the right association for your company:

3. The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise: the voice of enterprise

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise works to make running a business easy. They pursue issues and try to simplify things so as to achieve a good business climate at all levels. The Confederation is located in 21 regions and influences decision-makers across the country.

It also has offices in Brussels to monitor and influence decisions made within the EU. With 50 employers’ organisations and industry associations as members, it brings together 60,000 member companies and almost 2 million employees to create a unique force in the work to enhance the competitiveness of its companies.

Occupational pension & insurance

Offering a good occupational pension and insurance makes you an attractive employer – with a reputation for giving your employees security throughout their lives.

Our collectively agreed comprehensive solutions make it easy and offer good value and security.

Why is it easier with Almega?

Occupational pension and insurance are your responsibility as an employer and giving your employees security throughout their lives makes you attractive on the labour market. Choosing the right solution can be a bit of a minefield, though, and it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. Almega makes it easier. As an employer, you simply take out the occupational pensions and insurance policies that are included in your collective agreement and we give you help and advice along the way.

Why is it better value?

Our collectively agreed comprehensive solutions have lower management costs, which means there is more money in the pension pot when the time comes to retire. There are also risk insurance policies for salaried employees – such as for long-term sick leave – that cover all employees whatever the risk and with the same low premium irrespective of age, gender and history. As an employer, you also benefit from better legal protection in the event of occupational injuries or death at work, for example.

Why does it offer better security?

Our collectively agreed packaged solutions for occupational pension and insurance provide cover for all your employees and, on top of the state pension and statutory insurance, provide additional protection for old-age pension, illness, occupational injury, parental leave, redundancy and death. A good insurance package is considered standard by many nowadays and with us you can be confident that your company is living up to expectations.

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