At a meeting held on 19 October 2012 the interpreting and translation sector laid the foundations for an industry organisation, the Association of Swedish Language Service Providers.for an industry organisation, Språkföretagen.

The Association of Swedish Language Service Providers is part of Almega. Its main objectives are to look after and promote the sector's interests and quality. The newly elected committee will now address questions such as availability of competence, authorisation, ethics and effective organisation, as well as seeking to influence decision-making among politicians and state authorities. It will also act as a source of information and mouthpiece for the sector. 

Chairman Hans-Peter Lindqvist, Adman 100 språk
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, Inkrea
Cecilia Enbäck, Translator Scandinavia AB
Pirkko T Kyllönen, Språkservice i Sverige AB
Anders Uddfors, Semantix Tolkjouren AB
Christian Hammer, Teknotrans AB
Jonas Ahlstedt, Transvoice

Committee 2014

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For more information contact:

Hans-Peter Lindqvist
Committee Chairman, SThe Association of Swedish Language Service Providers
tel. +46 (0)705 84 09 10

Stefan Koskinen
Director, Almega Tjänsteföretagen
tel. +46 (0)8-762 70 45