More information on the Association's committee members

Hans-Peter Lindqvist, chairman
Board chairman, Adman 100 Språk
I'm seeking to influence positive development for everyone involved in the sector.
If you have any questions, please contact me:
Jonas Ahlstedt, committee member
MD, Transvoice Sweden AB
I can see a great deal of potential in developing the interpreting and translation sector into a modern communications sector which can contribute to better dialogue and business opportunities across language boundaries.
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, committee member
My ambition is to help businesses and public authorities understand the real value of interpreting and translation services.
Cecilia Enbäck, committee member
MD för Translator Scandinavia AB
I want to help to develop the market for translation services.
Christian Hammer, committee member
MD, Teknotrans AB
I have worked in the global translation sector for over 20 years and follow the sector's development closely, especially in terms of trends, technology and business practice.

Pirkko T. Kyllönen, committee member
MD, Språkservice Sverige AB
I want to help develop a common set of regulations for everyone involved in the sector and reduce the use of arbitrary language in public procurement.


Anders Uddfors, committee member
MD, Semantix
My passion is for sales and continuous development of business activities.