The Association of Swedish Language Service Providers

The Association of Swedish Language Service Providers is the industry organisation for language service providers in Sweden.

The organisation was formed through an initiative by Almega and several interpreting companies, who invited a selection of businesses in the sector to a meeting on 29 March 2012. Jonas Milton, Almega’s MD, and Stefan Koskinen, director of Almega Tjänsteföretagen, acted as hosts for the meeting. At this first meeting all those present, as representatives of the interpreting sector, agreed that it was in everyone’s interest to form an industry organisation.

The new organisation’s aims include encouraging a consistently high standard of work and ethics within the sector. It will also raise awareness of the sector and its importance by providing information to the public, businesses and authorities.

During the meeting a committee was also chosen to run the organisation until the planned AGM in the autumn. Our aim is to involve the whole sector in discussing issues which are important for the continued sustainable growth of the sector.

The committee has been tasked with drafting a constitution and has so far met twice. Its members are:

  • Anne-Marie Colliander-Lind, (chair)
  • Jonas Ahlstedt
  • Cecilia Enbäck
  • Christian Hammer
  • Pirkko T Kyllönen
  • Thomas Rösch
  • Anders Uddfors

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The Association of Swedish Language Service Providers meets Kammarkollegiet (Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency)

On Wednesday 7 May, members of the Association’s committee travelled to Kammarkollegiet’s offices in Stockholm to meet Claes Ljungh, director-general of Kammarkollegiet, and his team responsible for the examination for authorised interpreters. The purpose of the meeting was to start discussions on how we can work together to improve access to authorised interpreters and translators. We also explored ways of improving the correlation between the design of the exam and the constantly changing requirements of the marketplace. We also discussed procurement questions and noted that purchasers need to follow up feedback on contracts in a more effective way.

Our main message to Kammarkollegiet was that access to authorised interpreters can be improved, for example by:

  1. increasing the frequency of examinations in the languages with greatest demand
  2. improving candidate selection, for example by introducing language tests in advance and broadening the recruiting network
  3. changing the design of the examinations so that more people pass, but without reducing the skill requirements
  4. improving co-operation between the ”market”, i.e. those who buy and provide interpreting and translation services, and Kammarkollegiet.

Märeta Jonzon Gröndal, director of the administrative courts division, spoke about ongoing work to make the process of authorisation more accessible. The big challenges are for example finding qualified professionals to prepare the exams, candidates’ lack of basic skills and a shortage of suitable locations and infrastructure.
The Association of Swedish Language Service Providers and Kammarkollegiet agreed that the first stage should be to create a bilateral working party consisting of representatives from the sector and from Kammarkollegiet. The working party will discuss and develop tangible measures and action plans.
9 May 2014

Joining the Association of Swedish Language Service Providers

Information on membership of Språkföretagen, Almega Tjänsteföretagen and Svenskt Näringsliv (factsheet in Swedish, pdf)

Tack för din förfrågan angående medlemskap i Språkföretagen (Thank you for your enquiry about membership of Språkföretagen, cover sheet in Swedish, pdf)

Application for membership(in Swedish, pdf)


Adopted at the AGM on 19 October 2012


Stefan Koskinen
Almega Tjänsteföretagen
+46 (0)8 762 7045

Camilla Karlsson
Almega Tjänsteföretagen
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