We make it easier to become the good employers of the future

You’ve made a great decision coming here! Did you know that membership of one of our nine Almega associations gives you everything you need to be the best employer for your employees? As Sweden’s leading employers’ organisation in the service sector, we help our 11,000 member companies every day – on matters relating to collective agreements and in their role as employers. We also carry out advocacy, training and knowledge dissemination work. All to give you the conditions you need to succeed in your business. Put simply, we do what we are good at, so you can focus on what you do best.



We help strengthen your company

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Advice from Sweden’s leading experts

As one of our members, you can enjoy the peace of mind of receiving help and support in your role as an employer whenever it suits you. Our digital knowledge bank, Arbetsgivarguiden, provides legal advice and up-to-date information about your collective agreement(s) – round the clock. You will also find templates, checklists and answers to questions from employers here. If you find yourself in a situation that requires urgent assistance, you can call or email our employer hotline. Support is available here from several of Sweden’s top employment lawyers, contract experts and negotiators.

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Training that hones your skills as an employer

Our wide range of training options keep you up to date on issues affecting your role as an employer, so you can develop your business in the best way possible. Our experts have extensive knowledge of your industry so they can give you the support you need to succeed, in both the short term and the long term. We offer training in areas such as employment law, work environment and collective agreements, as well as in-depth examination of issues that affect everyday life for you and your employees. If required, we can also help to tailor training for your company.

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Advocacy that fosters business development

Through close cooperation with our government’s politicians, we can create the best conditions to enable you as an employer to run and develop your business. Our business policy experts work hard to modernise the labour market, draw up the collective agreements of the future, secure the supply of skills, reduce taxes for the service sector, streamline public procurement, improve the European market, highlight the importance of research and innovation and improve integration.

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Modern collective agreements for the future

A collective agreement governs the conditions for your employees in relation to forms of employment, working hours, holiday, sick pay and notice periods. This is essential in order to be a good employer – all your employees must know what the rules are and you can be confident you are doing things right. A new labour market needs modern collective agreements, which we draw up and sign together with the trade unions. This makes us a driving force in modernising the Swedish labour market model.


Indispensable support for employers

  • Advice on employer issues
  • Employer hotline by phone or email
  • Employer’s guide: info, templates and forms
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Legal assistance in employment law disputes
  • Industry-adapted collective agreements
  • Training at membership prices
  • Advocacy in the interests of our members
  • Sweden’s best employment lawyers
  • Guidance on work environment issues
  • Expert assistance with salary formation
  • Procurement expertise
  • Networking opportunities
  • Latest news on employer issues

Plus great offers:


  • Fast processing of work permits
  • Preferential group insurance through Skandia
  • Discounted price on market pay statistics
  • Salary mapping tools


Give your employees security throughout their lives

Offering a good occupational pension and insurance makes you an attractive employer – with a reputation for giving your employees security throughout their lives. Our collectively agreed comprehensive solutions make it easy and offer good value and security.


A membership with three strong forces

We are proud to offer a membership that gives you three strong forces in one. Your company not only receives support from Almega and one of our nine associations, but also from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – of which our employers’ organisation is a part. This means that your company is strengthened by the voice of service companies, of the service sector and of Swedish enterprise – all at the same time. Your business could not be better equipped for success.



Almega: the voice of service companies

At Almega, we work to create the best possible conditions for the service sector on the Swedish labour market. We do this by pursuing important issues, raising our voices where necessary and providing advice on all kinds of employer matters. Our employment lawyers and business policy experts work to resolve your complex challenges – from employment to dismissal, as well as in disputes and negotiations. Our employer hotline is just a phone call or email away and Arbetsgivarguiden, Almega’s digital knowledge bank, is available round the clock.

Learn more about Almega


The associations forming Almega: the voice of the industries

The nine associations in Almega oversee your industry and pursue issues that are important to your company. They also negotiate, together with the trade unions, the collective agreements of the future, which govern employment conditions and give you the foundation you need to be a good employer. Whatever your area within the service sector, we have the right association for your company: Almega Service Associations (Almega Tjänsteförebunden), Almega Service Employer Association (Almega Tjänste­företagen), Competence Agencies of Sweden (Kompetent­företagen), TechSverige, Media Industries Association (Medie­företagen), Association of Private Care Providers (Vård­företagarna), Federation of Consulting Engineers and Architects (Innovations­företagen), Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies (Tåg­företagen) an The Swedish Security Industry Association (Säkerhets­företagen).


The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise: the voice of enterprise

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise works to make running a business easy. They pursue issues and try to simplify things so as to achieve a good business climate at all levels. The Confederation is located in 21 regions and influences decision-makers across the country. It also has offices in Brussels to monitor and influence decisions made within the EU. With 50 employers’ organisations and industry associations as members, it brings together 60,000 member companies and almost 2 million employees to create a unique force in the work to enhance the competitiveness of its companies.
About The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise



Why collective agreements are so important

Collective agreements can be a requirement for participating in procurements, but above all they provide security at the workplace and give you the conditions you need to be a good employer.

A collective agreement is an agreement between an employers’ organisation and a trade union that governs the conditions for your employees in relation to forms of employment, working hours, holiday, sick pay and notice periods. Everyone at the workplace knows what the rules are and you can be confident you are complying with laws and regulations. Many issues that arise at a workplace are already governed by the collective agreement, saving time for both you and your employees.



And local agreements not as beneficial

As an employer, you can choose to conclude a collective agreement directly with a trade union, instead of letting an employers’ organisation negotiate the agreement for you. This is known as a local agreement.

However, a local agreement will be more expensive than a collective agreement through us. You have to pay for employment transition insurance (0.4% of the annual salary total) and some trade unions also charge administrative fees and take payment for legal advice on employment law. All this is included in our membership. You also receive access to our employer hotline, our digital knowledge bank Arbetsgivarguiden, negotiation assistance and legal assistance in employment law disputes.


Answers to membership questions 



You can start with a service agreement

Not ready to sign up for membership yet? A service agreement is a good alternative. It does not include collective agreements, the associations’ industry work or membership of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, but it does give you support and confidence in your role as an employer. All for only SEK 800 per employee per calendar year, with a minimum fee of SEK 10,000. Register your interest at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch to tell you more.

Included with a service agreement:


  • Support with everything related to working life: work environment, employment law and disputes
  • Round-the-clock support via our digital knowledge bank, Arbetsgivarguiden
  • Interpretation of Swedish employment law
  • Employment law hotline
  • Assistance in court cases in employment law disputes
  • Negotiation assistance in local trade union negotiations
  • Training at favourable member’s prices



From registration of interest to member

1. Complete the registration of interest

The first thing you need to do is enter a few details in the registration of interest form below and click “Submit”. This gives us a basis for our initial conversation.

2. Hear back from us

Once you have registered your interest, we will be in touch to establish the conditions for membership: which association your company would join, the services and benefits that are included, the opportunities and obligations that the collective agreement entails and the cost of membership.

3. Apply for membership

Once we have agreed on your membership in our conversation, you can apply. You need to submit your membership application digitally and we will be happy to help you complete it – including how to fill it in and which documents you need to submit.

4. Welcome, new member!

The final step is where we review your application and, if everything is in order, we confirm your membership. Your company is given a membership number and you can log in to Arbetsgivarguiden and start enjoying our membership benefits.

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Start by registering your interest

We are pleased that you are interested in finding out more about how membership with us can strengthen your company.

All you need to do is enter your details in the registration of interest and click “Submit”. This will provide us with a basis for an initial conversation and we will be in touch shortly. When you fill in the form, you are giving us consent to process your personal data so that we can get back to you with the right information. There is no need to worry though – with our data protection policy you are in safe hands.

Complete the registration of interest

  • If the company doesn't have a Swedish registration number, please instead send an e-mail to intresseanmalningar@almega.se