Almega Express Arbetsrätt

Swedish Employment law

Almega offers an English half-day course in Swedish employment law

Content of the course:

Employment and Labour law rules

When employing:
– Freedom to employ?
– Preferential right to re-eomployment
– Descrimination
– Types of employment (permanent, probationary and fixed-term employment)

During employment:
– Why, when and how to inform, consult/negotiate with Swedish trade unions

Termination of employment:
– Employer’s obligations in respect of termination due to redundancy, on personal grounds and summary dismissal

– An overview of the most common legislation, e.g. holiday, parental and study leave, etc.

There will also be time for discussion and questions.

Who is the course for?
Managers, HR specialists or others who work with eomployment matters.


950 exkl moms för medlemmar / 2500 exkl moms för icke-medlemmar


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