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Swedish employment and labor law (webinar)

In this webinarseries (3 parts over 3 weeks) you will get an overview of the basics in Swedish employment and labor law.

The different types of employments, discrimination, different types of absence of leave, why, when and how to inform, consult and/or negotiate with Swedish trade unions, termination of employment and more. The course is divided in three (3) parts over three (3) weeks:

Part I The Swedish Model and the Co- Determination Act
Part II Recruitment and during employment
Part III Termination of employment

Duration of the course
Part I (September 11th, 10-12AM)
Part II (September 18th, 10-12AM)
Part III (September 26th, 10-12AM)

Purpose of the course
To provide the participant with an overview of the Swedish employment and labor law system, starting with recruitment up until (and including) termination.

Target audience
Managers, HR specialists or others who work with employment matters in the company/ organization.

The price in SEK excl VAT includes all three parts of the course.

How to participate in a webinar
After you complete your registration you will get information on how to participate in the webinar


1500 exkl moms för medlemmar / 3000 exkl moms för icke-medlemmar